A comforting word!

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In a Benedictine monastery in New Norcia, there’s a rundown hall older than I am. It isn’t open to the public but as a guest, I was invited to view the ancient frescoes which decorated … Read More

Why read the bible?

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Having read the Bible, you may discern a certain genius behind it… …the author of the authors. Or perhaps not! Blessed is the person who does.

Who am I?

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The good news is: you’re not who they say you are! The surprising news is: you’re not who you say you are! The truth is, you are who God says you are! … so what’s he saying?

How to farewell

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“Stay safe”, we yelled to our youngest son as he headed out one evening. But as he disappeared into the night, something about our farewell didn’t sit right. So we asked ourselves, “Was that really … Read More


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Progression is admirable, where the destination is desirable. If the “promise of progress” is every leaders chant, the question of “where” should be the followers rant. World War One would eventually result in over 41 … Read More

Trust What You’ve Received

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“Who am I, O Sovereign LORD… that you have brought me this far? And now… in addition to everything else, you speak of giving your servant a lasting dynasty! Do you deal with everyone this … Read More

Satan’s Strategem

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Some years ago, I mentioned my appreciation of A.W. Tozer. (https://vinebaptist.com/posts/why-i-like-tozer/) A friend recently passed this on, and once again I conclude, the man was a prophet… far ahead of his time. “Satan’s Stratagem” – … Read More

The knowledge of God

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Wisdom and knowledge are not the same. From a christian perspective, whilst knowledge can be taken, wisdom must be given. Of course, this can pose a problem when trying to work out the moral good in … Read More

Was it just for them?

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Driving a team around an unfamiliar area of Greece to hand out bibles has it’s challenges. The narrow streets, the one-way roads etc…  On one occasion recently, I really thought I’d lost some of the … Read More