Our Vision

As abiding disciples of Jesus Christ
we desire to live fruitful lives
so our God is seen for who He really is


No matter where you are in your journey with God, you are very welcome at any of our services or events! Our motto is, "There's always room for one more." Please come along and let us get to know you!


We're a community of people (more a family really) who share the belief that life's greatest joy is to know God and be known by God. He's give us freedom from the past, purpose for the now and hope for the future. We've still got much to learn and are more than happy for others to join us in that journey!

Our Values

As we’ve reflected on the teachings of Jesus, there are a few things that stand out to us. These things we value. We may not yet fully reflect all of them, but we are committed to allowing the Holy Spirit to continue perfecting us in every way.

… that both express our enjoyment of God and give him glory (so that he is seen for who he really is). Pressing in with ever increasing fervency and passionate devotion, learning to love him with all that we are.
… in all our gatherings (planned and unplanned, small and large) expressed by both our commitment to meet together and a faith filled celebration of his promise to dwell amongst us. Growing in our awareness of his constant presence, and spurring one another on.
… that mirrors the unity between the Father and the Son and so reflects the family nature of the Kingdom. Ensuring that the sense of fellowship and belonging bestowed upon us through Christ permeates all our gatherings: small and large, informal and formal.
… that bear witness to the reality of Christ within. Living lives magnetic with the love of Christ with an intentional focus on areas of the world where such magnetism is pitifully scarce.

… by being a people soaked in prayer. We see ministry as a cooperative effort with God by responding to his Spirit. As ministry is God initiated, directed and empowered, we’re constantly seeking to match passion and gifting with opportunities. Prayer first, then people, and then programs.

… that demonstrate the power of God’s love to genuinely bind us together. Allowing his nature (righteousness) to dominate our relationships and it’s outworking (justice) to unite and transform – first us – then the world.
… as we seek to submit ourselves to the teachings of Christ, obeying him and denying ourselves, following hard after his heart and deliberately taking others to the one we’re following. By the Spirit, through the word, we want to pursue a radical conformity to Christ. Allowing his grace flow to redeem, deliver, heal, build, empower, guide and unite us. Because, church happens when we make disciples.
… that demonstrates the humility of Christ to everyone in the family, empowering them to exercise their gifts, to edify (build up) others in the family and serve (through love and good deeds) those outside the church family.

Loving God. Loving People.

Our Team


Stewart Hunt

Lead Pastor


Bronwen Hunt



Samuel Scott

Associate Pastor


Oliver Crispin

Campus Pastor -Hurstbridge


Blair Keeble

Next Generations Pastor


Sky Prentice

Children and Families Pastor


Gudrun Krigsman

Welcome and Integration Pastor


Lachlan Perry

Staff Intern –


Bek Hunt

Staff Intern –


Aaron McKenzie

Staff Intern –


Janet Campbell-Wright

Ministry Support Team Leader


Stephanie Henson

Communications Manager


Alana Coop



Want to worship with us?

Visit one of our campuses on a Sunday, or contact our office for more information!

(03) 9431 1115