Was it just for them?

Stewart HuntFeatured

Driving a team around an unfamiliar area of Greece to hand out bibles has it’s challenges. The narrow streets, the one-way roads etc…  On one occasion recently, I really thought I’d lost some of the team members. They turned up in the shade of a carport receiving hospitality from a local Pastor. Actually… the local Pastor.

Some 30 years ago (we discovered), he started what was now a church of twenty people. The only one in Trikala – a city of around 100,000. In the early days they were taken to court, the house was stoned and his children harassed at school.

Their faith had remained strong as did their desire that the city have the opportunity to share their faith. Now through tears of joy, his grand-daughter told us, “We’re family!” They were so encouraged to meet brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world. We sang a song together in english, hugged, farewelled one another and farewelled one another again!

As this elderly saint thanked and blessed me, I couldn’t help but wonder whether – our trip to Greece – was just for them.

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