Prayer is one of our highest priorities at The Vine Baptist Church, and we encourage our members to foster their prayer lives both privately and corporately. We believe that we are growing in prayer. This is manifest in the increasing number of opportunities to pray that are available to our people.



Here are just a few of the opportunities around the church to pray together:

  • Sundays at 4:00PM before the Evening Service.
  • Wednesdays at 7:30PM at Nyora Road
  • Join us as a church in praying through     "5 Things to Pray for your Church" by Rachel Jones
  • Growth Groups praying in homes

We encourage our people to pray about everything. Occasionally we will have periods of 24/7 prayer where individuals will sign up for slots throughout the time. We have seen great breakthroughs as a result of our emphasis on seeking God’s face.

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