At The Vine Baptist Church the first port of call for help is a person’s Growth Group. It’s a great way to support and care for each other. (Learn more about Growth Groups here.)

But what happens if someone is not in a group, or if the group can’t help?

That’s where CareNet comes in: to catch those in danger of slipping through the cracks.

What sort of help does Carenet offer?

CareNet provides practical needs like offering meals, transport, visiting, and shopping. We also do things like referral to professional help, prayer, or lending a listening ear.

How can I help?

CareNet is organised by a committed Leadership Team, but is powered by volunteers such as you!

  • Can you provide a meal for the freezer (single, couple, or family size)?
  • Can you drive someone to an appointment?
  • Can you share your time: to sit and be with someone during a hard time. etc?

If you’re interested in serving others through CareNet, please contact Karin Prentice or Sue Forster, or sign up here.