Our Ethos

Mission (latin) means “to send." Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” We take that statement to capture the essence of our discipleship. A people who are “sent”, a people who are “going”. So at The Vine Baptist Church we are all missionaries. We are all called to reach out with the love of Christ. It might be our family, our friends, our neighbours, our work-mates or just people we meet. Honestly, the post-code in which we serve is not an issue.

We recognise however that some of us are called to minister cross-culturally and this requires the support of the wider body by:

  • Praying for them
  • Engaging with them
  • Giving to them

We encourage both short-term and long-term involvement overseas through partnerships with a number of organisations. We have seen that our local efforts inform our global efforts and our global efforts inspires our local efforts.


Countries we have a specific interest in include: Australia, Greece, Japan, Thailand and Uganda.


We are privileged to partner with a number of organisations such as Hellenic Ministries, Inter-Serve, Operation Mobilisation, Overseas Missionary Fellowship, Pioneers, Wycliffe Bible Translator’s, and Youth with a Mission.


There are many ways to get involved from financial partnering with a specific missionary, to receiving newsletters. The Church entry hall is filled with photos of our missionaries and information on how to help each one specifically. Alternatively we’d love to talk you through helping out if you like.

If you’re interested in possibly becoming a cross-cultural missionary yourself, we’d be very happy to talk you through it and put you onto lots of good resources.

Contact the Church Office and they can connect you with the missions team.