The heart of the matter

Stewart HuntFeatured

No doubt you’ve heard of the term, ‘broken-hearted’. What a sad idiom. The heart is often thought of as: the spirit of a person, our true self, our core, the centre of our being and affections. Imagine for a moment that this could be broken. Not just in a ‘country & western’ kinda way but crushed beyond hope of repair.

When you think of it, that’s exactly what the bible is all about. It starts with the idea that God created within you the perfect heart – a God-directed heart. Re-directed in a way that should never have been, our hearts get battered and broken. So God finds a donor, someone who can give you and I a new heart.

Recently Bron was asking the Lord how she could pray for me (her husband) and she understood that she was to pray that, “my heart would be well guarded”. You see, even though we have a new heart, it is constantly under attack.

It makes sense… scripture speaks much about our heart which is the centre of our affections. When it is yielded to God, it makes faith possible and worship acceptable.

We are continuously warned against a wayward heart, a rebellious heart and a selfish heart. God desires a love that is wholehearted. To do this he promises to give us a new heart which will be a well-spring of life and have an unfading beauty. His blood purifies our heart and so we must guard it diligently. And always seek first the Kingdom of God – for where your treasure is – there your heart will be also.