From the author (Stewart Hunt):

Contemplating the cause of my insomnia one night, I lined up all of the usual suspects and immediately recognised “Caffeine” as a potential culprit. My mind then drifted to, “how many coffees I’d had that day?”, took a right turn with the thought “where had I had them?”, and then a wide detour with, “how many cafes do I have to choose from?”. The answer was, around 200 cafes within a 10km radius.

200 invitations to: sit with Bron, sit with a friend or even to sit alone with my thoughts (a very welcome respite from the busyness of life). The bible is a lot like a good café. There’s always room for another guest, there’s a warm familiarity that grows with the frequency of your visits, your name and your order are common knowledge, God loves to meet you there and it’s open 24/7!

The following blogs are reflections that have come to me whilst I’ve spent time in the word and quite possibly, in a café too! I trust that God may speak to you, even as he has spoken to me. Enjoy!