A virtual camp – a real Kingdom!

Stewart HuntFeatured, From Stewart

I have a picture of it in my mind’s eye, just not an actual picture. It was the closing night of our Virtual Camp, a crowd of people had gathered at the front of the auditorium and were now on bended knees.

I think there’s something pretty special in the eyes of God when his people bow before him. Not because he needs it, but because we do.

Our bowing before him in no way contributes to his self esteem (his estimation of who he is), for he – better than any-one else – know’s who He is. Glorification and revelation are not intended to meet a need in God, they are intended to be a gift to us.

When that gift is received and fully appreciated, we are naturally dumb-struck. What can we say? What can we do? How does one respond to or appreciate the magnificence of the Mighty One? The posture of humble submission is a good start and it demonstrates to God that we have indeed received his gift. That must surely gladden his heart.


Lion standing guard outside the Royal Palace – Budapest

For me, contemplating the Kingdom of God drew me afresh to the King. It reminded me of the magnificence of this new Kingdom to which I belong and of my place in it – subjected to his reign. With his smooth southern accent, our speaker Chip Kirk provided us with a number of memorable quotes.


Here’s one or two that I wrote down,

“The currency of the Kingdom of God is faith.”

“When we live like we’re in a war zone not a playground, life makes a whole lot more sense!”

“How do I declare and demonstrate the Kingdom of God? Show and tell, tell and show!”

“There’s a new rule in town!”

“D and D” the “KoG” through “Christ in me”.

May we continue to adopt a Kingdom posture.