A leader’s prayer

Stewart HuntFeatured

I was given a book some years ago entitled “Leadership Prayers” written by Richard Kriegbaum. As we look ahead at possible options for growth, this particular prayer captured the sentiment of my heart. He writes,

“I wish I could explain it all logically or factually fr everyone, God.This one I just know somehow, without all the normal rational processes. I sense directly what the data mean, without all the steps. I see the beginning and the end without the middle. I feel it in my gut, and I think it is right, but the part of me that loves data and logic always complains. So will all the logical people around me, God, and who can blame them?

This is not the strong, nagging, uneasy type of hunch. This is a positive sense about what will really work, the confident feeling I get about certain people or proposals. This is one I want to try. But you know I cannot do this alone, God. Those I lead have to go with me, and there is no way to build the normal rationale. It is tough expecting people to risk themselves for my intuition. 

It is almost always easier to stall things when I feel uneasy. There are always people who want to wait. It is harder to get people to move ahead when an airtight case has not been made either way. But if we wait too long to make a decision, it will be too late.

Oh, Lord, why do we fear the risks of moving on so much more than the risks of sitting still?

If my hunches were right every time, this particular one would be easier. I am usually right when these intuitions are strong and focused, but I have been wrong a few times. So even more than usual, I am here to pause and listen to you. I do not want to run ahead of you, and I do not want to lag behind. I am grateful for strong people to hold me accountable. I need you to inform the intuitions of others on this one, either for or against. If this has to be decided on an informed hunch, it would help tremendously if several of us “hunched” in the same direction.

We really need a winner on the ons, Lord. Let me hear your quiet, inner voice. I need a dark, doubtful sense of uneasiness if this hunch is wrong, and I need your bright, confirming peace if it is right. Guide my hunch, God. It needs to be a holy hunch. It needs to be right.”